Direct Drive + Pneumatic tires

Hi there,

So I have a revel kit that I’m quite pleased with however, I did not realize how bad were the streets where I live (country level bad) and I searched for a while for someone who found some sort of solution to add Pneumatic tires to a direct drive (I also want a lot of clearance from the ground to the motor), found something in my searches The main idea would be to find someone who already did this for a revel kit, if not I think maybe a good idea would be to buy the adaptor and the wheels and then try to mount it on my motors if that does not work try to contact someone with 3d printing capabilities to re-make the adaptor in order to fit my motor.

Any ideas on this would be highly appreciated :smiley:


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The cloudwheels are a pretty good In between option. They should be compatible with the revel direct drive.

Your power consumption per km/mile will go up drastically with larger pneumatic tyres.

I have not seen many options for add on pneumatic tires, but cloud wheels seam the closest.