Direct drive - spur gears

has anyone had experience with using gear to gear drive on a standard longboard (not mountainboard)? interested to see if anyone has any clips of the noise it makes compared to the standard belt drive. thanks

Lookup Jed Boards on YouTube. Their main selling point is the direct drive on a longboard. It is a bit noisier than a standard belt

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@Moestooge has the video you are looking for. His board sounds like a jet :airplane:

let me find a clip… brb

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I got a chance to test out a Jed Board recently and I can say that, when designed correctly, direct drive feels far superior to a belt system. There’s much less resistance than belts or hubs so the whole drive train becomes much more efficient.

I think the noise is largely going to be dependent on how the gears are enclosed and lubricated etc so it’ll vary a bit based on the exact setup that’s being used but I was quite happy with the noise of the Jed at least, sounds particularly awesome at high speeds and it was actually rather quiet at lower speeds.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the Jed uses helical gears as opposed to spurs so standard spur gears may well be louder

by direct drive are you referring to a hub motor set up or a direct gearing setup?

Direct spur or helical gearing

check this thread, post 111 for video with sound

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right okay, so i was thinking if i create an enclosed box with the gears in it i could lubricate it fairly well and reduce the noise.

i imagine part of the reason his is so loud is becuase of the speed of his board, also it seemed like there was a fair amount of noise from the motor not just the gears?

would there be issues with braking, gears grinding?

Jenso’s E-Toxx Direct drive could be mounted on to a pair of square cnc trucks like Chris’s Liquid or Fyre trucks I think. Slap on some six shooters… That would be cool :sunglasses:

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Again, can’t comment on spur gears, but braking on the Jed felt really strong and reliable. Just gotta make sure the metal that the gears are made of are designed for the large forces involved in braking accelerating.

So they use magical gears instead of helical? Or how can they build a geared system with less drag than a hub? Lol

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I also tried it out and thought it lacked a lot of power (2WD model for reference), it got beat by a pretty large margin in acceleration and torque by the other boards there (evolve gt, DIY dual 6355, DIY 6374, etc). While the acceleration was eh, the breaking was really nice, much nicer than my single motor DIY board ATM.

I didn’t think the noise was too bad too be honest, but the motors on it are pretty tiny (look like 5040 ish size), i’m not sure the gears would be able to handle breaking a 63xx motor.

They use helical gears. Here’s a video of them comparing the freewheeling of a preproduction model to a non-electric Loaded board.

That’s a fair comment, I think the motors are pretty similar in size to the Boosted board and from memory, I believe the 2WD models are capable of pushing 80A from their batteries so you could probably expect more power than you would from a Boosted board seeing as you don’t have the resistance from the belts. I’ve been told they’re still testing with different acceleration curves so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re prioritizing smooth acceleration over raw torque off the line.

I believe the 2WD Jed is capable of 11nm of torque while the 4WD can do double that but I don’t know the numbers for any other boards on the market so I don’t have anything to compare that against. The 4WD model is more in the same price bracket as Boosted, Enertion or Evolve’s main boards so it will be interesting to see how they all compare once they become available :slight_smile:

I highly doubt it’s pulling 80A, the batteries are tiny (16 cells, guessing 8s2p). I haven’t looked at boosted hardware in depth, but i’ve ridden few and they have way, way more power than the jed (seems jed is aiming for range). To me the board just felt sluggish.

I dislike the overuse of “11nm of torque” marketing speak, since it’s not quantifiable. I’ve yet to ride a 4wd version, but the 2wd felt about the same speed as a single motor 50xx diy (or the evolve one).

I’m defiantly interested to see some drag race/hill climb style demos that enertion and other brands put out.