Direct hub motors?

I’ve seen lots of hub motor and I’ve seen lots of direct drive motors, and I’ve seen hub motors from direct drive motors and direct drive motors from hub motors, but why have I never seen a direct drive and hub motor on a single wheel?

Can you make a super long motor by replacing the axles with a single long common axle and have both mount to the same plate or share an extended can? If I’m not mistaken the length increases torque and amps proportionality so you’d get something with high speed and lots of oomph but still a tiny footprint. I think Hummie motors have massive stators but they also make the wheelbase like 14" and personally I like the wheelbase long and narrow

If the motors are the same would they use parallel phase wires and set the amp limits to double?

So a hub motor that’s extended over the trucks. And only half covered with Thane.? But then why not cover the whole motor with Thane. See hummie hubs. (An extra wide hub motor).

The benefits of DD is easy swap wheels.

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But doesn’t having the rubber wider make it harder to turn? And isn’t it weaker that way?

DD generally make the trucks wider and a longer axel increases pressures. (Like a longer Leaver handle.)

Wider trucks requires more force to turn though it’s bearly note worthy. Same goes for wheel with. Though the larger contact patch feels great for grip an some what helps with bumps. Hummie hubs are similar to centrax by Abec 11. Centrax have been used in down hill for decades and are well regarded.

Carvon v1/v2

I get what you’re saying, but the two biggest appeals of dd is being able to use a wide variety of thane, and having it nice and thick! Both points are void in your proposal

Direct or hub? Wheres the truck supposed to fit into all this?

Hello I am looking at dong either a direct drive or hub drive build. I would like to be able slide with my board. Can I slide with either of these drives or will it cause them to fail early?

SHOULD be able to, but don’t see any polyurethane that’s good for sliding.

Did not need to know this.

Forget hubs. With DD, you can use different full urethane wheels. Ask your question again on the busy forum instead.

Ok thank you