Disable quickchat unread count balloon

i hate balloons on my icons, and there’s constantly a balloon on this icon:

is there a setting to disable it?


Gees you only have one

There are nothing to do with this.

Well looks like you are diagnosed with OCD. Im sorry, you have less then 100 years left.

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that’s cause i keep clearing it every time, which is opening it then scrolling all the way to the bottom.

site is now literally unusable.

I found an easy solution for you. You just need the Chrome extension “AdBlock”

Right click the count balloon. Then click AdBlock > Block this ad. Adjust the slider if needed. If you click the correct element, you can block the counter but maintain access to the chat…


I used the same thing to disable the painfully annoying popups on DIY’s site…

Update: This trick breaks other notifications too…

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omg, that’s awesome.

using adblock already this is perfect.

i’ll try it once i get a balloon pop up.

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Won’t this also block your notifications for the site though? (like PMs, mentions, etc)

Send me a PM and let’s see

Does it bother you to know mine says 100?

Sent efefefwe

I got you beat… mine says 100+

So after blocking the chat counter, I still get the green PM notifications over my avatar. But unfortunately it seems the thread notifications/mentions don’t work anymore

Good catch @Smorto

My little trick is not as useful as I had originally thought. And I’m not sure how to unblock an “ad” :confused:

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Sorry Guys I think I,m out of your league…

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Mine has said 100+ for months.

I beat everyone!!!


Geez u people, I bet u go months between updating your apps too I bet, I’m so goddam triggered right now.


Bahahaha! beep beep beep b



<img src="https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/3X/f/2/f222a546bd814292a8238e5ee23e26c949542030.jpg" width=“170” height="142[quote=“thisguyhere, post:16, topic:27397, full:true”] Geez u people, I bet u go months between updating your apps too I bet, I’m so goddam triggered right now. [/quote]


Did I brake something? :thinking:

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Is that an inspect element hack I see? :slight_smile:. (I could be wrong, just a guess)