Discharge 12s and charging 6s parallel need help

I’m trying to set up my pack to charge (2) 6s in parallel but discharge on my board at 12s without having to open my enclosure every time I want to charge. Above is a great solution from @trbt555. I want to do something similar but remove the XT-90s loop key and use Torqubords anti spark switch. I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Could use some help Thanks!

do not use TB anti spark switch for 12S they do not hold very well with the 48V last year on my 12S Lipo setup, burned 2 i got from him went and try the alienpower one with bruno and got damage too, finally i order some from flier and the result was the same. in my experience just go with the xt-90 loop key.

I think he has a new design now rated for up to 14s (60v) TB anti-spark switch

Same thing, same flier switch. contact @chaka i think he has vedder switch

save yourself some headaches, you want to have a tidy enclosure and don’t want to be opening and replacing things.

Thanks, will do

So if I get vedder’s switch any ideas on how to wire it up?

You will have to contact @chaka for that info. i personally have not use it but have not hear any complains about it either i settle for a DPDT switch and a xt-90 loop key

Well can’t figure it out… I’m going keep the loop key and just add the anti-spark switch before the VESC. I’ll only need to remove the loop key for charging

You can always use the xt-90 loop key as a on/off key, instead of having a switch.

My set up is a DPDT switch and on the positive discharge lead the loop key that act like a switch.