Discontinued/updated bestech bms

So I was trying to get my hands on the bms with
e-switch from bestech and was told they no longer make it. This 10s 80a bms was discontinued and upgraded as mentioned on the email received. This is what I was given for reference can anyone may be shed some light on whether it will still work the same from the data sheets? Of course I have emailed the rep at bestech that is helping me with the purchase with my questions but wondering if anyone on here can may be give me info on this. I circled the areas in question

who was your contact at Bestech? I just emailed my sales contact about it. I’ll report back when I get an answer. It will be a shame if they discontinue the HCX-D223V1 Modules. the overcharge detection and the over discharge detection should be adjustable but the balance current is not and 42ma is low. the HCX-D223V1 had a balance current of 126ma

I can’t find an HCX-D596 on their website???

@Namasaki Yea its Lucy. She told me she was just informed today about it when she tried to process my order. She said the hcx-d596 was an upgrade to this bms and it wasn’t on their site because the change was so recent. I’m still waiting on thier response because I haven’t decided on getting it yet. If I don’t then I will have to shop around for something else and I didnt want to. I still want to know if it will work the same as the other with the same features just some minor adjustments. But I will make my decision after they respond back because what I want to know is will it work the same if the balance current can be adjusted?

I don’t like the balance current and I especially don’t like the short detection of 480a. What good is short detection after your board is already on fire?


What would be a good short detection average? If its adjustable I will ask for it but in not too convinced of this upgrade seems more like a downgrade to me

It seems like a downgrade to me as well.

Seems like the D223V1 could detect a short at very low current. Once I shorted my charge port and the bms shut down instantly so that there was no damage to batteries, electronics or wiring. Only the pins in the charge port suffered arc damage. Well, maybe that was high current but only for a fraction of a second.

@Namasaki do u have any other recommendations for a bms? If in case I don’t purchase these I am still going to look for a replacement

There is still the battery supports but they don’t have a built in E-switch and thier balancing current is only 62ma They don’t have good heat sinks either

This sucks I hope they got it wrong and still have the other model available

Perhaps the weight of a large (GB) order would reverse their decision to discontinue it?

That would be a great idea @bigben. Also I’m going to use their Alibaba site to see if there is another person that might tell me something else

Where are you located? I have some in stock at pwrboards.com in EU :slight_smile:

Us. How much for 4 of them with shipping? Maybe if its the same price or lower than expected I would purchase them on monday @OskarCastrone but your site doesn’t ship to US. Would be willing to ship them offsite

@Namasaki so I got a hold of someone thru Alibaba and they gave me the same deal they no longer carry the old model but he gave me a different data sheet. The balance current changed a little bit but the detection delay didn’t. Now I’m curious plus I have a headache from trying to figure all this out from Bestech.

I will send you a pm :slight_smile:

I just got an email from lucy showing 128mA balance current.


Yea and the short circuit delay is now 630a. Way higher than the original data sheet I got @PatRocks

I made an inquiry late last week and got a similar response today as attached

I sent Lucy an email requesting the old version and she has not replied.

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I asked her twice. Both times she said they didnt have it anymore