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oh broooo the spring trucks omg that was great XD Just kept coming back

sidenote this thread has been really derailed, probably time to stop. lol

I think you spoke the mind of many of us here !


I tend to speak my mind a little much, I shouldn’t have been such a dick about it. My bad @ZackoryCramer.

#MyBad, I have that on a shirt :grinning:

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Yes you was harsh with him but I think it was necessary. Since he is on the forum he always would do some unecessary comment. Pretending he always know better. Many have tried to prove him wrong but he wouldn’ listen and be passive aggressive. Anyway don’t apologize maybe this time he understood.

@torqueboards has a special on Trampa mounts…

$249.99 for our TORQUE Trampa Dual Motor Mount Kits.


@mmaner do you or anyone else have a feel for the quality/reliability or general goodness of this kit?

@torqueboards have you done a bunch of testing?

I love a good deal but I hate broken or fiddly parts.

I hate these damn deals. Every time I see one of these I have to convince myself to not start another build


That LaCroix deal is going to ruin me lol

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kinda glad the 6374’s arent on sale now, im already broke as fuuuu :joy:

I don’t, I refuse to ride trampa on principal. But @torqueboards has been selling these for iver a year. I would guess they are pretty awesome.


@deucesdown it’s all in 7075 Aluminum. I’d say if you have problem with bolting on set screws. Don’t get it but other then that. They are solid. There are in total 3 support brackets and 1 support bar.

We’re just looking to get some stuff off the shelf to make more space for new stuff.


I was in Nashville this weekend, there’s a store in Opry Mills called SUn & Ski that has caliber 2 trucks for $29 and, more importantly, has bushing packs for $0.92 a set. I also got some Triple 8 Slide Gloves for $14.


Are there any discounts for Memorial Day? There usually aren’t, but It seemed like a good idea to check