Dispute between Psychotiller.com and SurfRodz?

Hey all

I ordered some parts from Psychotiller.com quite a while ago (March) (enclosure, trucks /mounts etc) but is still to see this being sent! I’ve been in touch with @psychotiller, but he says he can’t ship the trucks now due to an unresolved dispute with the dudes at surfrodz.

Question is, is anyone else having to wait on parts/trucks from him? Can someone shed some light on the issue here?

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I know its been a super busy year for him. And not just esk8. Sounds like he’s still talking with ya. Not really sure what this thread will resolve. 2 months wait isn’t unheard of or terribly long but i understand its frustrating. Only person that can shed any light on the situation is Dave tho.


Im sure he said more than that, I assume he offered you other options for trucks?

Ive purchased stuff from and have delt with Dave before and hes a stand up guy and stands behind his products, give him a chance to make you whole and he will. Sometimes these kind of set backs happen with esk8 parts but i can garantee you he wont leave you hanging.


I’m not averse to waiting, but was more worried about a dispute in our midst… Surfrodz isn’t exactly what I would call a community-based operation like @psychotiller is…

That being said, summer is upon us, and having a half built diy sitting in a short Norwegian summer isn’t optimal :wink:


He did, but I wanted this perticular setup…

@psychotiller is one of Surfrodz trucks biggest customers so im sure things will get straightened out soon.

I know the wait sucks esp with summer coming but that is esk8 for you these things happen even with prebuilt boards.

For now. Do we need surfrodz with the new liquid trucks being available now? I’m dying to try them out. If only they offered free engravings lol


If you notice, even the liquid trucks are no longer on the website :confused:


If I had to guess. SR prolly raised hell (said cease & desist) with @psychotiller because his custom made trucks have a hex shape like the SR TKP’s. It’ll never hold up as the shape is also very dissimilar.

I would also argue that some of us, including me, have been asking SR for 200mm TKP’s for 3 years and they weren’t interested in doing them. It seems childish to me that they would try to cause Dave grief over the fact that he is building something they refused to build (the same argument I used with the @Kaly deck vs. @trampa).

I am assuming that is the issue, I do NOT know. I haven’t spoken with anyone at SR or Psychotiller about this.


This is so damn true.

I love SZ products. Not the organization itself. They suck at communicating, don’t want to produce anything new, and even give false promises.

I would love to know the amount of money Dave made them by adopting their product to esk8. And now every swinging dick out there is using them. Because of Dave.

If anything, they should have been bending over backwards to help themselves by helping Dave make surfrodz THE esk8 truck. They did not.

This is like saying the Kaly Deck is a direct ripoff of trampa because they are both 35 degree decks made from composite material.

Both are bullshit IMO. I have the trucks in front of me. I also have like 6 sets of Surfrodz.

Spoiler alert, they aren’t the fucking same. Yes they are both tkp skate board trucks. That’s it. SZ is just mad Dave is moving on and not putting up with their bullshit any more.

Good on Dave.


I just checked their site and they’re out of stock on the RKP’s… I legit just bought the mounts too haha


Sorry for the delay…trucks will be shipping late this week or early next week.


For fucks sakes Dave, that’s pretty anticlimactic.

@longhairedboy mind spicing this up a bit? I was prepped for a mad Dave-rant drama fest and all I got was a level headed, clear answer.


:joy::sunglasses: need a level head for this one. Maybe the reviews and comparisons will get the party started!


This is the worst thread on the forum. Blegh



A lot of new info here, on the history of SZ and Daves involvement. I specifically didn’t want SZ trucks because they didn’t meet my requirements for deck and ‘feel’… Where @psychotiller did. And yes, was hoping for more schwung from the bossman :b


Did you go with tkp’s or rkp’s? Did you know that Tromsø is the esk8 capital in Norway. Here you can buy tkp mounts locally. Even some demo used Sr tkp’s


You have you new trucks in stock? Can I get a set???

After trying the new Liquid trucks, all I will say is that I will never purchase a Surf Rodz product, again.

Back to back, the new Liquid trucks feel totally different than SR TKP or RKP. I love them.

Surf Rodz is a side business of a precision machine shop that makes high-precision firearms, tools, other shiny things: http://www.jvprecision.net/CNC-Machining-CT/ID/11/Defense

… and this is precisely why Surf Rodz has never introduced a single product for us… Why would they, when margins are so much better on guns or tools?

Customer service lol. Raise your hand if you think that Surf Rodz provides any of us the customer service we deserve.

Most of us send in emails that are never answered, FB messages that aren’t even read - and that’s /after/ buying something.

Esk8 made Surf Rodz work, not the other way around - and now some old man threatens our makers with patents that he bought. Well, we have a word for that in the legal industry: troll.