DIY - 1st Build Project

Hello everyone

First of all, thanks for allowing me to join this community. I’ve been riding electric skateboard (Evolve Bamboo GT) for a couple of years now and I came to a conclusion that it was time to build my own sk8.

I have been reading and researching about parts for long time and considering a couple of different factors (budget, my location, suppliers location, parts specifications, etc) I ended up with a project.

Unfortunately my project has no name as yet. Creativity is not one of me strengths! Anyway, here is what I got planned:

  • Dropdown Deck + Custom Made Enclosure
  • 10S5P 17500mAh Battery
  • 6384 190KV 4000W Motors
  • Dual ESC based on VESC 6
  • Extra wide DKP Trucks
  • 125mm Wheels

For now I am just presenting myself. But sure soon enough will have lots of questions and help to ask for. I post again with more detailed info regarding those parts.

Appreciate any thoughts, views, opinions and comments. Let’s the fun begins!



Good luck with your build!

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Hi welcome to the forum. Breakfast or brunch?

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