DIY Bamboo GTR++


After many hours of research and reading, I’m thinking of building my own version of the Bamboo GTR. I’m hoping to get a better board (better mileage and speed) for about the same price as the production version.

Here is the list of parts I plan to use:

  • Bamboo GTR deck (from evolve ~AUD$300)
  • Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 + Vx2 remote + 2x 6374 190kV motors (this kit)
  • Wheel AT 6" link
  • Truck and motor mount link
  • Battery: 10S5P - 36V 15Ah [I’ll source this locally]

Total cost is around AUD$1800 which is roughly the price of a new Bamboo GTR here in Australia.

However, in terms of performance, it seems to be similar to the production board, so I’m not if it’s worth the effort. I did a simulation here to have an idea of the top speed with this config. I’m not sure how accurate this is but it gave me an estimated top speed of ~30mph and a range 22km (14mi). Top speed seems more than enough for me but I expected the range to be more. Do you find these results are realistic?

I haven’t ordered anything yet (sorry no photo yet!). I’m still researching to make sure I’m on the right track before pulling the trigger as this is my first build. I’ll probably order what I need next week or so.

In the meantime if you have any advice/recommendations that would be awesome. I’ve found heaps of info on this website (maybe too much!) but nothing’s better than first-hand tips.


This is a big question!

there are lots of people who add up the cost of the parts, then realize they could just buy a ready-made board and have a decent warranty & support to go with it…

You also haven’t factored in your own time & the cost of tools that might be needed (assuming you don’t have any)

Honestly, DIY esk8 tends NOT to be the cheaper path… However, It tends to be a more attractive path of the hobbyist… Some people just like to build stuff and the joy that comes from that is priceless.

I wrote an article about the false economy several years ago

The question is are you looking forward to getting your hands dirty & gaining some experience building your own… Or do you mostly just want to ride?

I can guarantee that if you build your own board you are going to be able to look after yourself in terms of troubleshooting & technical issues down that track… Normally people who build things tend to understand how to repair them too… I personally believe this makes eboarding more fulfilling. Sending shit away for repair is slow and annoying.

But, just remember, you will be covering the cost of spare parts, you will be doing the work!

If you go pre-built you can put on your “ignorant-consumer-hat” and just send stuff back to evolve when you think something doesn’t work properly.

The other idea that is becoming slightly more attractive these days is “buy to upgrade” this is a good intermediary option, it gives your a taste of the product and sets you up well for a DIY journey if you really do “need more” performance down the track.

check out the video I made on this topic

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In regards to the parts,

Is there something about that deck you really like? they are flexible, no?

How about your battery, how will it handle being mounted to a flexible deck?

I think that is going to be your biggest technical challenge.

Also, just be careful, there are plenty of people who say they can build batteries, but not many are masters yet… It’s a fine art.

Adding to all of the above, if you planning to spend X money on build, this would be x1.3 - x1.5. Shit happens, spare parts needed, bad design and so on.

I bet better value would be to buy from evolve. Performance difference? well, did you tried evolve board? did you felt that this is not enough? Because pre-build is refined a lot, and your design will have its flaws. I made board as 2016 and only at start of 2020 i refined it to perfection.

And one more: if you want to DIY - this is hobby thing that will last for years. and will require time and effort from you. i like such things, but since 2016th - i fill a bit tired if something brakes, but i still Love this hobby. Thanks to @onloop for his early videos by the way, helped at the beggining

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Thanks a lot for your advice and for the link to the article you wrote a while ago, that was a very interesting read.

I’ve been building and tinkering things all my life so I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty and I know I’ll enjoy the building the process, I love building stuff! It such a good feeling to use something that you’ve build and as you said, knowing exactly what has been done and how, it’s much easier to troubleshoot any problem down the track.

The only models that I’ve tried were the bamboo and carbon GTR and a lacroix nazare. The lacroix was great but it’s too big. I found the bamboo a bit more confortable the carbon version so I thought I’d go with that. I was hoping to find a complete deck (board + enclosure) for DIY but I couldn’t find anything in Australia. Unless you have any recommendation ?

I have heaps of fiberglass/epoxy left from another project so I thought I would use that to make the battery enclosure. I’d rather buy a ready made enclosure but again I couldn’t find anything here.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll try to find someone with a good track record !

Maybe the evolve boards, I’ve used were a bit tired but I found I had to ride them hard, squeezing the trigger to the max most of the time. In comparison I’ve tried a lacroix and it was completely different, I was a lot more careful on the remote and never dared to go full speed ! So I wanted to build a board with the shape/size of the evolve but the performance of the lacroix :wink:

I imagine the DIY community was much smaller 2016 and people had to experiment a lot. From the amount of info and parts I could find online, I think it’s quite different today. A lot of people have shared their experience and knowledge, there are plenty of good designs that can be replicated. I might be too optimistic but I don’t think newbies like me have to muck around for years to build something decent. In a few years, esk8 will be over anyway, boards will fly !

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Sounds like your ready to take on your first diy build!


You can make a decent board with the same money as a GTR. Battery is the hard part. I build my own batteries and don’t recommend going down this path it’s an expensive steep learning curve 12 packs in and I still consider myself a absolute novice. One of my early packs caught fire. Buy a pack from a local reputable builder like @TinnieSinker or if your on a budget a board builder like ownboard, bound, Mike beard. Direct Drive from even or bound motor. These have plenty of power and take belts out of the equation. I have 2 DD boards and they faster than any evolve.

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