DIY battery pack without spot welder

I was having hard time convincing myself to buy spot welder recently. I think I don’t really need it for first battery and it’s 200€ for kWeld which is what I consider the best option in this price range (I really like the idea behind it). I considered soldering but after watching few youtube videos showing battery temperature rise over 150℃ and read about batteries internal construction I do not want to risk direct soldering on fresh 16850 cells (even though I think soldering previously refrigerated cells should do no harm). I was about to buy regular “li-po” cells for my first build when I came across cells with presoldered nickel strips. They are pretty easy to solder to some sort of bus bar and will allow for easy exchange of bad battery later, certainly easier than spot welded one. Has anyone tried that? What are the cons that I’m not thinking about?

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Hi, you might consider this. I have last batch scheduled to be delivered on friday, I will do a clearance sale since I have a lineup of newely developed products that need shelf space(not including PCBs they wont be in stock anymore after the last 100 pieces on fiday). So they will be pretty cheap. Regards, Martin

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Big and bulky if. Your looking to buy a custom made battery hit up @barajabali or @torqueboards I know others sell custom or factory made batteries

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That nickel strip looks like it’s about 5-6 mm wide maybe. Do you think that’ll be sufficient for the amps drawn from the cells?

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I spent months deciding weather I should or should not get a spot welder, I thought I was going to use it just for my battery ONCE. Man I was wrong, you will need a spot welder for small repairs, when nickel strips break, when one if your cells go below 2.5V, when you there is a bad solder on your strips, when your board catches fires because a bad solder.

Get a spot welder, I have the one from the link @Acido posted, I’ve done several packs and it’s still kicking in.

If you find out later you don’t need it anymore sell it here on the forum in 1 day.

Please don’t forget to thanks me later when you realize everything I said was true


I guess you guys convinced me to get one. Thanks!