DIY Board Deadman Switches - Are they like Boosted?

I’m building my first board here slowly and have started to look at what remote I’d like to use.

I happen to really like the boosted board feature that engages/disengages the motors with the triggering of the deadman switch - allowing you to coast completely by releasing the switch, and re-engaging it at will.

Do most other board companies, DIY, and aftermarket remotes operate in this manner? Or are they kind of always in the ‘on’ state with a bit more motor resistance?

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I have notice that about the boosted board. When ever I engage the switch I can feel / hear a sound coming from the motors like they’re engage. Someone with the firefly remote or a derivative would be able to tell you such.

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Anyone know anything about this topic?

I have this sound too. For me it looks more like the remote is not right calibrated and tries to give a bit a throttle even in only death man switch pushed mode.

The firefly has this exact feature and is shaped like a boosted to boot, but my first ever firefly build was reversing on its own. I haven’t pinpointed what the issue was yet, but I’m guessing it’s interference. I’m currently waiting on new nrf modules to give it another try, but in the meantime I’m using the winning v2 remote. No deadman’s and has a smaller “thumb roller” so less precision than a boosted/firefly but is pretty decent in the city.

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