Diy board that beats raptor 2

people are attributing torque to the motor when it’s really decided by the esc and how many amps are put out. a bigger motor can put out more torque only when the stator steel of a smaller motor will become magnetically saturated and cant get any more magnetic pull. a tiny 90kv motor will put out more torque than a giant 100kv motor, per amp, only exception is when so many amps are put in the motor the relationship between amps and magnetic strength in no longer linear and the steel hits its magnetic limit of about 1.7 tesla and the little motor is then more so making heat and not magnetism.

especially if youre using a pulley system you have access to a gear ratio which makes torque no problem. you can get to any speed with pulleys and whatever kv as well. the contestable aspect is the CONTINUOUS power output. you could do 4000 watts with either setup if you feed the amps but how long can you do it before it gets too hot to continue and youre sinking into greater inefficiency, less range, and ultimately damaging the magnets.

Last video I saw the raptor was doing 150 motor amps… I don’t know what motor amps it is capable of putting out but if you want huge low speed torque that’s where it comes from


What can I say… Maybe I was just unlucky?

i built a 12s dual 6374 board waiting on my Raptor 2 im not sure which board will accelerate faster but i do know my DIY board can do 40+mph and i used to think the raptor 30mph top speed was too fast lol.

Ill let you know whats faster once my Raptor 2 magically appears at my home but i cant see the Raptor being faster then my current set up.

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If the Jurassic Park movie taught me anything, it’s that raptors do, in fact, magically appear…


Dual sensored 6374 at 12s vs R2? I dont really think thats a fair comparison :wink:


I would be satisfied with A topspeed of 30mph. It’s the acceleration of the raptor 2 that impresses me :slight_smile: If the same acceleration can be achieved with a diy build for the same money I would go for that since the raptor is not available until May…maybe even later.

But it seems like the best choice is to wait for the raptor 2… Hate waiting but maybe it’s worth the wait.

Thanks for all the input guys, highly appreciate it!

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Definitely not. Unless the R2 had a 12S battery equivalent. Then the R2 would kill whatever you’re talking about. :wink:

Does anyone have some kind of max power output for R2?

Never tried an R2 but dual 6374 15:36 on abec97s give me a ton of power

If I can find the weather, I’ll get you a comparison video of my DIY build and my R2 on a straight away. You’ll see that my build keeps up and keeps going no problem. Torque or belt slip isn’t an issue at all. :slight_smile:

dual 6374 big battery low gearing 90mm wheels. bum 30mph and torq just as good.

Sucks that we haven’t had anyone take these off their r2 and make a new board at around 12s

Off… Tell me what to put these on and I will dude. How much for a 12S pack?


As a R2 Rider I can tell you will not beat the raptor in smoothness or silence wise. With your setup, all the other factors, you going to beat them easily. :slight_smile:

Put them on the front of a raptor II…


Silence no. Smoothness and every thing else… Yes. :slight_smile:

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Lol. Too much of a good thing…Nope!!? You’re fucking right!!!

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Toss em on a 12s4p pack with vesc x

Someone has to do it?

Someone make a 4wd raptor pls😂