Diy board that beats raptor 2

Hey guys! So I been planning to build a beast this spring or getting the raptor 2 but with all these delays on the raptor 2 I decided to build my own. The raptor 2 seems to leave everything in the dust… So I want to build a diy that can beat the raptor.2 in performance, but I would need some help on what to buy to make this possible. My budget is 1200-1800$.

Made list myself but dont know if its a good one…

  • Dual Motor Mechanical Kit 14t/36 Motor Mount Size: 63mm Motors Wheel Color: 90mm Black
  • 6355 x2 motors
  • 2x Foc boxes + Bluetooth UART
  • remote (3 speed modes)
  • 12s5p samsung 30q with enclosure
  • Jet vulcan kick 37.7

Is it worth going 12S? Then i need to buy another deck and use a enclosure underneat but thats not a biggie. appricate the help :slight_smile:

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If you are going for crazy performance, Go with 12s! You will have more power “available”, and your focbox will run cooler as you will pull less current compared to 10s.

I think your gear system will be your down fall, part of the reason why the raptor has such good acceleration is because of its sensored hubs

I forgot to ask what kv motors you’re planning to buy? Go for 170kv at 12, and 190kv at 10s

190kv will work with 12s also? Max erpm will be 59.000.

If its below 60.000 is ok if i understand correctly?

Yea the Max erpm will be 59 976, but in real Word you will never reach this number (unless you Go full throttle down a steep hill) because of efficiency and such. So it is fully possible, but with a 170kv motor you will have increased torque and you will have more “head room” for the focbox.

As willpark mentioned, Raptor 2 uses hubs. To have similar performance, you should go for Carvon XL drives with dual FOCBOX’s and 12s. If you want a total beast which beats the Raptor 2 big time, go with 2 Carvon XL drives, 4 FOCBOX’s, 12s and Superfly’s : )

Oh and the remote from DIYeboard only works with their ESC!

EDIT: nevermund, 2 drives will cost more than your budget. Try and find 1 XL drive (or maybe wait for the new Hummie hubs).

  • XL drive ($499)
  • 2 FOCBOX’S ($300)
  • mini Remote ($30)
  • deck (~$100)
  • superfly’s ($150)
  • 12s3p VTC6 ($400)
  • enclosure ($50)
  • HM-10 ($20)

Total ~$1550

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You can beat it in specs easily if you have the money but in the looks it will be really hard

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If only the raptor 2 could get their production up to speed…

Enertion told me that orders placed today of the raptor 2 would be delivered in May… Maybe it is like everyone says, its worth the wait.

Seems like its hard to build a board that is 1500$ and comparable to raptor 2, so maybe i have to rethink and just wait for the R2.

Thanks for all the input guys!

Your definition of ‘> raptor 2’ may be different than mine. For example my ‘Babayaga’ runs on 10S and is faster than the Raptor 2 in terms of top speed. However it doesn’t have the same level of torque (still climbs all the hills in SF without hesitation).

You want 15T, not 14T. If you want to beat the R2’s torque, I suggest a dual 6374 config. Your top speed at 10S should be somewhere around 30mph. You’ll need to step up to 12S if you want higher top speed.

No. The FOCBOX has gone far past the 60,000 ERPM limit. You should be getting 190KV-230KV at 12S

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There is a lot of different opinions about the max erpm on the focbox. Some people have done 80.000 no problems, while other have blown their drv`s just past 60.000. I didn’t say it wouldn’t work with higher kv than 170-190, but i suggested him to go with 170-190, because not all focboxes can handle more than 60.000 erpm.

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Bare in mind that Raptor 2 has really impressive torque, and if you could run it at 12s it would probably match top speed of Carvon’s. My advice is …wait for @Hummie and his new hubs.


I own a Raptor 2 killer.


Really? So you pick it over the raptor? :wink: Specs?

I’ve talked to @JohnnyMeduse about this specific topic. In his testing, the FOCBOX has gone far past 80,000 ERPM threshold thanks to the direct fets and higher quality components. Most DRV failures have been due to user error, in my experience.

I ride my DIY board every single day for commuting now. I tried with the R2 but my city streets hate anything less than 100mm wheels. I ride my R2 when I want to look cool on the weekends. Don’t get me wrong. The Raptor 2 is fucking awesome! I love it! But there are a shitload more options when building your own. I’m actually going for an R2 ride today! Can’t wait!


you want a R2 killer, but in what aspects? acceleration? hill climbing? range?

i’d say, at the moment, the R2 is by far the best prebuilt board on the market. the acceleration on the thing is incredible.

having said that, it’s still a preconfigured board. you may need a board to out perform in certain aspects, while not needing others.

with a diy board, you will still get to tune up whatever aspect you need to. so, need more torque? change the gearing. need more range? build a larger pack.


It may be that the focboxes sold now have been tested better than previous batches, but some focboxes can not Go past 60.000k. Ask me How i know :wink:

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5 or 6 FOCBoxes later here too… :wink:

Cool thing is that Enertion has a couple great EE’s to take care of any issues and progress the FOCBox even further. That company has been very supportive and replaced/fixed/ect… on every single motor controller I’ve purchased.

EDIT and this was one of the First Gen sold… V1.3