DIY Boosted Board "clone"

Hello everyone! This is going to be a build log for my boosted board clone

Specs in the end; -Torque boards 6374 190KV motor -Enertion Focbox -10s 5ah Li-po battery -Area zebbie deck -Custom made boosted enclosures (they are for sale, if you’re interested take a look at this topic; -90mm wheels (will probbably upgrade to orangatand kegles)


This is how my board looked at the beginning

So i cut it to look more like a boosted board’s vanguard…


And, ofc, I had to make my own remote. If you’re interested, go to this topic;


Currently I have the ESC Substitute, the same one that Meepo used in their first boards. The Focbox will come in a few days

I’ve printed the enclosures, they will be used as the moluds and I’m gonna make them with resin and fibreglass


When they are dry, I’ll sand and paint them! :slight_smile:

I’ve added too much of part B for the resin and it caught fire… Be careful! (it’s poliester resin, I was supposed to add about 2-3% of part B to the mix.)


I’m looking forward to where this is going. Have you got a budget in mind?

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Hmmm… So the focbox is around 150e The motor is 120e but i got it used for 60 I’ve build my battery pack with bms and charger and that was about 100e The wheels were about 30 usd (from meepo) The motor mount about 15 usd The longboard 80 euro Firefly remote was about 10 bucks to make and the enclosures… idk about 50 myb

  • chains/belts and stuff like that

So around 450 usd myb… But i’ve spent like over 800 in total because i’ve bought alot of parts that i dont use now… This is my 3rd motor

My deck broke so I got the loaded vanguard, but now i have to make new enclosures

I feel your pain. Always something!

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exactly :confused:

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I feel you m8 theres always something breaking… Wanted to ride today but my belt snaped 30 seconds into the ride. But man once you are hooked to the esk8 life theres no going back!

I might get this dual motor kit from diyeboard… Does anyone know if its good?

So in the end, I’m gonna use the diyeboard motor kit;

The dual motor ESC with a new remote;

I’m still gonna use my 10s lipo battery (5Ah, 20c) I’ll make new enclosures for my new deck (Loaded Vanguard) And by the end of the month i will get orangatang kegels wheels

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But I’m gonna need new kegel pulleys, they need to be 35T, M5 and 13mm

i also got the diyeboard deck, ofc its not good as a vanguard but its good enough. I’m gonna use the vanguard for my push board


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