DIY Boosted Board Look-Alike?

I really like the look of the boosted board and I was wondering if anyone has tried making a DIY version themselves. I know that boosted uses a loaded vanguard deck which is about 300 dollars complete.

Check out Endless Sphere there are three or four Boosted clones with better performance.

USER okp has nice documentation

Hi, wanted to post link to okp’s build, but it’s already done, so here’s mine :wink:

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@squad - yours is beautiful as well -okp’s was just more recent on my ES feed… Both of these are works of art and would dust a boosted board…

@aspiringbuilders these are two excellent examples to learn from. I’m on board #2 and still struggle to build a board even half as finished looking

Your build is absolutely beautiful! I’d love to build something like that, although I’m a COMPLETE noob to this stuff. How much did you spend on your DIY Board? and How much riding time do you get out of your board?

I have to mention my fellow countrymans, @dunkirk s build!

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It’s hard to tell how much I finally spend on this board, had to deal with some problems, like breaking drills inside the wheel pulleys (it happened to me few times…), and planned to make enclosures out of carbon fiber in the first place, but the final effect was not good enough, which generated more cost. I’m from Poland so shipping fees also raised final cost. I guess I ended up in 1000-1500$ range. I can ride about 20-25 km on one charge, It’s about hour of fast ride. Of course, battery enclosure is a little bit bulkier than boosted one, but I think the range compensates it :smiley:

I wouldn’t plunge in making this project if I haven’t all equipment in my workshop, like mill and lathe, it allowed me to make this almost from scratch. If I was going to spend some serious money on this project I wanted it to be aesthetic and have good performance.

Good luck!

This looks awesome dude good job!

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