DIY builds Plank, Sheet And Boarder

First build handmade board with paris 180mm trucks, Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190kv, Toro 150A ESC, 2x ZIPPY 8000mAh 3S1P 30C, 97mm flywheel clones with 15/36t gear ratio.

Almost done. Was planning to put EL wire in the dremel drilled groove

Then this cheap chinece ESC was having a normal day trying to start a fire.

then i got Toro ESC with program card that was great when getting the setting what i like on the road. Did some run about 10 km from full throttle to 30% brake. True n00b riding

Have video for this somewhere [Karting ring test in here]

One weekend trip to drink tactical nuclear pinguin in the big church. Heil the spaghetti monster!

And then one sunny day when im crossing the road nice lady turns right hits me from behind and im flying few lines. when im recovering my pieces off board, drivers has pulled in the side off the road and asking if i was okay. she was shaking like russian hangover and i had my addrealin rush at the peak and i could stop laughing and saying im fine no need to makes case of this(still illegan maybe legal thing in Finland)

Then i was like im gonna flip the next car over and bended this

Really horrible to ride. Got drunk, lost the “board”

I liked the Finnish birch that i used in the first board so much that i used in the new, but this times i glassfibered the shit together with 2xfiber in the nose and tail

Received some mails

Tried this mill thing did this

Little bit of silicone and were done, still had 9mm belts for measure (Oldscholl) but rided with 15mm


jesus christ what a series of unfortunate events

This thread has my attention haha

lol so BADass

No voi ny helvetti että ossaa vastustaa :joy:

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@Tekninentuki Great thread! I really enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures you posted. NIce work! It really shows how you are on a journey with this hobby. Cool stuff, dude! :v:

LOL this thread is awesome. I can’t imagine riding a metal deck. Ew. And the unicorn mask i almost lost it.

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Great thread! :smile: Sorry to hear about your first board, that kind of stuff happens even to best of us (when drunk). Did you try the nuclear penguing in Viisikulma Brewdog pub? :beers:

E-boarding is legal here in Finland if your boards max speed is 25km/h (pfffff!) and maximum power output is 1kW. If you ride faster than 15km/h you have to use bike lines or the street (just like the cyclists). Protip: Helsinki buss drivers are crazy.

Government adjusted the laws just this year so last summer it was in the gray zone. and the 25km/h i understand for the minors, but can’t grown up man deside the way to go? And yes i drank penguin in Brewdog pub. I think they dont make that anymore, instead they have bismarck which is 40%. Thank god in Vaasa almost every street is for walking/bicycle so i dont have to go in the traffic if i dont want to :smiley:

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