DIY Custom Silicone Based Putty For Whatever You Want Really

Not sure if this is something that everyone might use or want to try but it looked kinda cool considering how easy it is to make. I stumbled upon this video and immediately thought of it potential use for really quick custom fit nose and tail guards. There’s probably a bunch of uses for it once you make it. I don’t know if it’s practical but you could possibly do a mad scientist GT2B custom case mod with this stuff somehow. I know I have some silicone laying around back at home but I wont get the chance to try it out for a while since I’m at school. Proto-Putty is what he calls it.

If you don’t want to watch the video I stole some screenshots. It’s basically Silicone, food coloring (though he explains its activated with moisture so if you wanted clear putty possibly just add water) and some corn starch. You can see the third screenshot is where the mad scientist mod came to mind.


DIY sugru :heart_eyes:

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I had no idea that was already a thing. I feel like the DIY is definitely way more cost effective.

omg the number of cables that have broken on me will be no more. Why wasnt THIS in the video?!? Probably the best application I will actually use this for.