DIY Electric .com - Mechanical Kit - Good quality?

Hi guys,

New to the forums, was lurking a fair bit before making a login!

Quick question, I’m probably going to buy the TorqueBoard 218mm Trucks from ,

Is buying the Dual motor mechanical kit good value for the quality of the product? Anyone had a bad experience with their mounts? etc. etc. products/dual-motor-mechanical-kit?variant=712352301079

I’ve done a fair bit of digging around (and spreadsheets), but being in Western Australia I get stung by the shipping when sourcing parts individually. As this will be my first build I don’t want to drop the dosh on multiples of parts to make it worth the shipping costs.

And more importantly I want stuff to last a while. If I’m paying a bit for someone to package it and send it as a kit I’m not too fussed so long as the products are pretty decent :slight_smile:


Here’s my two cents in tb I’ve managed to somehow ruin 8 motors from them, mostly the magnet inside broke. But my streets are bad and my motors were at the bottom not at the back. There not bad and since you need them as a combo to avoid the heavy shipping there stuff is solid. Just motors are a bit fragile if you don’t baby them. Here’s on what not to buy from tb there vesc .


The TB VESC is fine. I’ve been running x4 in 2 different boards for a year an a half. I’ve purchased a dozen and only ever had one die, it was mostly my fault and @torqueboards still replaced it. It’s no FocBox but it’s available, works well and almost half the price.


I agree I’ve yet to kill a TB vesc and I’m running 5 of them at 10/12s. I did have a ppm issue with one but @torqueboards replaced it promptly. I’ve had overall good experience with Torqueboards. Here are two of my builds featuring tons of TB parts


I agree. @torqueboards has always bent over backwards for me. Everything has always been quickly shipped and worked great. If you’d like a perspective of the performance you’d expect my YouTube channel has videos of a dual 6355 and dual 6374 setup with all torque board stuff

My channel name - Mattmccrary8

I would go with different wheels or the upgraded 90mm ones. The 83mm generics do not have enough grip for me.

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I’m using the single drive mechanical kit on my board. I’m pretty happy with it, good quality, doesn’t feel cheap, easy to assemble.

The wheels are fine, I got the 83mm ones. I haven’t ridden much but I don’t have any issue with them. But of course there are better wheels out there.

The trucks bushings are crap, you might want to change them for Riptides bushing (easy and cheap!).


I have been using their motor mounts for years and have been very satisfied with them.

I’ve using 2 torque boards motor mounts, they work great, just loctite the shit out of the bolts otherwise they’ll rattle out. I’ve also been running one of their vescs at 12s for over a year and no problems.

The only issue I’ve ever had was 1 of their motors broke on me out of the 5 I’ve bought. He worked with me to get me a new motor at a reasonable price so I was happy with that.

I will say that you can get legit Caliber trucks and good pulley/belt set-up for cheaper elsewhere, but the mounts and vesc are pretty much the best for that price


Yeah I wasn’t going to get the motors from them, and have selected the 90mm wheels.

Was thinking about replacing the bushings, I will do now :smiley: and maybe the bearings as well/use them as spares.


The motor mounts have four set screws. Make sure you pick the two that will make it tight against the 90 degree bend them make the others tight.

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I can’t say the motors are the best as Im on my third right now, but dexter really knows what he’s talking about and is very helpful.