DIY electric mountainoard +50km/h?

Hi! I’m planning to build my first electric mountainboard during the winter months. I’ve been reading many articles about the topic and I think I know enough to start my own project. Also if some parts were missing I’d like to hear what kind of parts, and where should I buy them. So with that being said…

Here’s all the parts that I’m planing to use:

Deck, I’m going to make the deck by myself.

2X Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192KV Brushless Outrunner Motor

4X 8 Inch Wheel - Matt Black Hypa Hub with Red Alpha 8 Inch Tyre from Trampa

1X URBAN MOUNTAINBOARD Motormount with 66 tooth Pulley kit & Axle Suport kit - TWIN Mounts (15 tooth pulley) because I want the board to go fast, fast meaning +50km/h (30mph) :sweat_smile:


Batteries: I was thinking about lipo batteries but wasn’t sure which are good and which aren’t, there are so many to choose from. I’m 180cm and about 70kg dude and I’d like that the battery last at least 25km (15,5 miles)

2X TORQUE ESC BLDC ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

Remote controller:TORQUEBOARDS 2.4GHZ MINI REMOTE CONTROLLER products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-mini-remote-controller

Thank you for your time.

Note: I’d like to order most of the parts from EU/UK because shipping and customs…


Graphene more than 60c batteries. Remember nummie board needs 20wh/km. Meaning 20x25=500wh battery Means 10s 15ah battery

Much as it pains me to say it tb stuff is probably not the best option if you want to keep it within the eu.
Grab a set of Hobbyking vesc if you are going 4.12 They are basically the same as the tb ones but cheaper and they arrive quicker if they have them locally. Try this firm too for europe based parts

Or this company

Good luck!

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Also HK have a warranty on the vesc

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HK have the best warranty in the business. Bar none. Mate they took back a motor in bits in a box so they could check out the issue not because they wanted to prove the problem. Replaced the motor and the vesc it subsequently killed too. All this before they received the faulty shit. Thats customer service. Just wish they would fully get on board with esk8. They’d kill it


Thanks for the links, I’m now thinking of buying the battery and the remote from this battery to be exact: and the Enertion Nano-X Remote. Do you know if the battery is any good? I also checked out the hobbyking vesc 4.12 and think I’m probably going with two of them. Edit: realised that the battery gives out 60A Continous but the esc’s can only handle 50 Continous…


That’s @fottaz store. It’s all legit and good :wink: