DIY Electric Skateboard 63mm Motor Mount Electric Skateboard Fast cheap

This is a Slightly used 63mm electric skateboard motor mount. I bought this from torque boards and . I got this about 2 weeks ago and was really looking to start using it but I need to pay rent payments. Kept for only two weeks since recent purchase in a smoke free home and adult owned. Please message me with any questions about the item. This item can be shipped out next day and is 100% as advertised in working order. Thanks for looking and god bless! :slight_smile:05%20PM 10%20PM

Stop making so many posts. Just make a sale thread and dont clog up the website.

All of your sale posts should be together in one thread, or atleast when you sell them at the same time. If a while from now you have more stuff to sell then its fine to make another sales thread


damn, looking for one of these conditioned in smoky environment

Hi I am interested in this motor mount, do you still have it for sales ?