Diy electric response time (please Read)

I will try to make this a quick as possible hoipefully someone can help me out!

Place an order on for $170.78 October 25, 2021

On Tue., Oct. 26, 2021, 11:12 a.m. Hi (deleted name)

We actually just ran out of stock on our V7 Caliber Clamps.

Our ETA on the next batch coming in is in around 30 days, if you would be ok with waiting.

Let us know what you’d like to do or if you have any questions and we’ll get back to you asap, thanks

I sent an email back Oct 26, 2021, 11:23 AM saying… No other options are available?

didnt hear anything back so i sent another email on

Oct 27, 2021, 12:26 PM So does that mean the motor mount set is out of stock? As well??

still nothing!!

so i sent another email today @1:24 PM

Have not heard back from you regarding what options you have available?

still have not heard anything back…

is this normal or did i miss something???

Thank you

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum, Soundwav.

Hope you can get the stuff you ordered or your money back. Did you use paypal? I did a google search and it seems that company has had a few issues in the last several years. Its not a full picture of how the company handles their customer service and even the best shops can have a few negative reviews but its something worth investigating before clicking that buy it now button. As they say, caveat emptor (buyer beware).

I used PayPal… I’m going to charge back tonight


3 business days and no reply to your emails? Thats unprofessional. They should refund your purchase then notify when the items you want are back in stock.

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filed a claim just want the funds back so i can be on the hunt for reverse motor mounts…

anyone know where i can find 2 sets shipped to canada??

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