Diy electric skateboard enclosure

Does anybody know how to make a 12s4p enclosure but out of a better material that’ll last longer my roads are rough I been through 2 enclosures. I tried epoxying it together once it broke but the plastic would brake again20180712_16122320180712_16123520180712_16124220180712_16124820180712_16125720180712_161302

You can try fiberglass

Wouldn’t that be kinda the same thing cause I used epoxy

epoxy alone isn’t strong enough… the reason resin and fiberglass works is because of the fibrous material being permeated by the resin


What I’m referring to isn’t a “fix” I’m talking about making the whole thing out of fiberglass

if you use fiberglass, remember to make a good mold. that will result in a better enclosure, mine was suboptimal and i am a bit dissapointed in mine

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This is my mold, batteries, cardboard, ducktape, and soon to be cellophane (in that order)

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i did my first mold the same way. Next time i will do it so i lay my fiberglass into the mold not over the mold.

Vacuum bagging helps when using a positive mold

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yeah, sadly i have none or i could make a one, but it will probably damage the vacuum maschine^^

U need to have a container that hooks up inline with the vacuum to catch excess resin

Like this… u can make one yourself for less than 20$ if u know what fitting you need and are handy with a torch (I’m a part time HVAC tech so I have a vac pump and fittings on hand)


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This is way harder than I thought​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

@Harpsaco it’s really not… this is made from fiberglass, all free hand lol

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Looks like it is cracking at the screw holes where the pressure is applied from torquing. You could try cutting a thin strip of metal to run the length of the enclosure and drilling/securing through that. That way the pressure is more evenly applied.


sounds like a good solution until he something new

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That’s not a bad idea… we do that for valve covers on old chevy’s so it doesn’t pinch the gasket

thank you ill try that

Just one question. Are the component inside the enclosure fixed to the deck? Is you board a bit flexy? Concerning fiber glass I also did it for the first time and it is not so difficult. I advice to try 5obsomething small to see how to do it and avoid mistakes later on. The secret is remove all the air bubbles. Really important. What tutorial on YouTube. A lot of boat channels use it. You will see that the new enclosure would be really strong but heavier too.