DIY Electric Skateboards Hub Motors anyone?

Hello I apologize if this has already been discussed but has anyone tried/reviewed Dexters/DIY Electric Skateboard hubs yet ? Just wondering how they stack up against Hummies , Jacobs, and CarveOns. Ride safely friends.

On pre order mate …

Don’t think anyone has

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I have a dual that was just shipped out today… I assume that no one else has gotten one yet.

Think ur the only one mate… We all wait for your review

It will probably arrive late this week or early next week. All depends on how nice UPS feels about me.

Lol… Don’t worry they hate you like everyone else lol

Please make your own video when you have a chance … Members would really appreciate your thoughts


Ups actually is my favourite. Always fast and smart, unlike dumbass Canada post that goes on strike every other year LOL

The only thing I would recommend is to make sure you apply “medium threadlock” to the hub wheel bolts when you get them.

looking forward to hearing what the reviews are of these. Also what is the lead time right now if I were to order today ?

I think he could ship it in a day. He just got a shipment of them. Go message him :slight_smile:

What thread lock would you suggest? And how is thread lock applied (forgive my sounding like an idiot, haven’t worked with hub motors bfore)?

@kandmelinda - The hub motors are in stock.

The only trucks I have now are pretty beat up due to horrible shipping practices so It’s $20 less for the current trucks. Save $20 bucks w/ the current kits. I have new trucks which should be available in 1-2 weeks.

@anorak234 - I only refer to the 6 bolts that hold the hub wheel. Due to the vibrations they may loosen but with threadlock they hold tight. Medium Threadlock should be good enough.

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Do they go on regular trucks?

@Hummie - Just paris or round hanger type trucks. They should fit on Gullwing Sidewinders and most of the round trucks.

Hi Dexter :slight_smile:

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Chat! Popup Enter email and order number.

Haha sorry if I woke you Friday at 12pm Dexter, I just really wanted my Vescs!!! Should be here by Thhursday tho :grinning:

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