DIY Enclosure Idea?

So I have been really drawn to the carbon fiber enclosures that people have been making, however to get into a set up like that (pump, bags, fittings, etc…) that would be hundreds of dollars.

Has anyone seen things like this?

Could we use something similar like a wine pump to DIY this? What are your thoughts?

I am planning on making a deck also using these metods…from what I have found you can do it much more cheaply…instead od air pump you can make your own from 10$ air compressor, the bag can be purchased much cheaply as a tube and then seal both ends with a lighter (using steel tube for the modified air compressor going through the fused ends)

Hope you get what I tried to say, my English is not good and when I have to translate these technical things from my native language it is difficlut :smiley:

THis is a cheap method I plan on using, but IDK if it works…

Where were you planning on getting the veneers?

For the deck? I have a local wood vendor (Jaf Holz) near my house, where I can get most of the wood i am going to use…I havent decided what layers i am gonna use but there are probably two way how am i gonna do that…frist would be using baltic birch and fibreglass or the second one would be using a light wood in the core (ceiba/balsa/paulwonia/pine/poplar) sandwitched between layers of carbon fibre…the CF would be coverd with some thin veener so I wouldnt get that ugly CF look on the top :slight_smile: I could theoretically also use a bamboo veeners, but they are not as easy to work with from what I have read…I prefer the second way, but I am not sure if it is possible to use the light wood the way I want to…I am gonna make my own thread later…

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Check out this thread…

He did a great job with those space saver vacuum bags for clothes.

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WOW that is perfect…