Diy enclosure tips needed

Hi im thinking of making a new enclosure for my longboard. Now im just using a taped up box and some velcro, and its time for a change. I have looked around on the forum and found some people making out of fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Think im going to try this, but wondering if anyone have some tips. Should i use a vacum bag? can i use normal styrofoam and tape if i use a vacum? and dose anyone have a good design for my board? want the case to be small but need space for 2 x 3s batterys, Vesc, and som other small stuff. My board looks something like this.

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Search kydex. Might be faster and less painful to do.


Just did some kydex enclosures originally I was gonna do fiberglass and personally I think I could get a nicer product using fiberglass. That being said It cost me 20 bucks for enough kydex to do 2 enclosures (and some extra) and it was half a days work VS doing fiberglass.

I think eventually I might but it was so quick and easy using kydex and I was heating it up on a BBQ lol.


Thanks, will have a look around and see :slight_smile:

I see people use vacuum when they use kydex aswell. Most people use a self made vacuum box, but is it possible to use a vacuum bag(like the ones you use to store clothes in)? anyone know?

And isnt it plastic? See many people use ther oven to heat it. Is that safe? Should you heat plastic the same place you heat your pizza? haha

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Nope don’t use your oven I was thinking that originally as well but everywhere I looked it was not recommended and it does have a bit of a smell to it as well. As far as vacuum bagging it goes, i did try vacuum bagging a couple pieces but I found I could get a better product just using my hands and small pieces of wood/ clamps.

Not to mention the kydex is warm enough to melt the vacuum bag.

Vacuum boxes are ideal yet its still hard to account for the curvature of the board.

what do you recommend to use for heating it up?

Haha if you have a toaster style oven that can fit the sheets definitely that if not a bbq does the trick. Or a heat gun is also an option. The more consistent you are with the heating up the better your final product turns out.


F all that nonsense. Open some windows and cook that crap in the oven. Mine was 24" across. Didn’t even fit in oven unless I warped it till it melted. Preheat oven first. The bad fumes are supposedly only released if you cook it to hot. Doesn’t take more than five minutes.

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I think kydex with a vacuum box is the fast, chrapest way to make a strong enclosure. I made a few and the result is pretty good. The hard part is making the mode. I use a bbq gill to heat my kydex, make sure you use a pan or some foils so the heat is not heating the kydex directly. Set the heat on the sides to high but heat under the kydex to low. Move the kydex around to insure it’s is heat evenly. Heat the kydex to 370 to 380 degree and check the kydex frequently. Once the enclosure is made use a heat gun (little heat) to mode the enclosure to your board’s curves. 20180428_183911|374x500


Thanks :smiley: Really nice enclosures you made. how big is the wood frame in the first picture?

The box and frame is 12in x 12in. My box was made to work on kydex size 12x12. I like 2 section enclosures because I like bouncy decks. If you like a large enclosure make the box and frame bigger. Check out the cost of kydex on eBay first before you decide on size. I use .080in thick kydex. .080 Is strong enough.

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0.80 mm or in? is this right?

That’s the good stuff. .08"

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Yes. Sorry you are correct. 0.080 inch. The listing is the same seller I got my Kydex from. It was under $10 for 2 but I guess the price went up

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I used .093" it’s not really good for moulding corners

I used 0.06 it’s really more than enough if ya ask me. For the vacuum forming how did you account for the curvature of the board. I was considering a vac box originally as well but I wanted the kydex to sit as flush as possible.

Kydex is pretty giving after it has been cooled. I put screws and mount the enclosure to the board and use a heat gun to heat up the lip of enclosure a little and it will mode to the shape of the board. Don’t heat the enclosure too much if you do the enclosure will lose its shape.