DIY Gear on Orangatang wheels

After a lot of research I couldn’t really find any usable info on how to mount a stock gear to the Orangatang kegel wheels. So there for I want to share my way of mounting them to the wheels, I am sure there are easier ways to do it but I am alway a big fan of durability.

Check it out :slight_smile:

I started with making a adapter tool for the wheels that would make sure to get them balanced when machining them.

Then I made a straight chamber that would align my Gear/pulley perfectly.

After that I started with the Pulley itself.

Then I made the hub that will come with a press fit of -0.04mm into the gear.

I used M6 bolts in combination with a aluminium ring that I had laser cutted at a local company for around 2 euro each.


Is there supposed to be a picture after:[quote=“MrEpiquad, post:1, topic:5587”] After that I started with the Pulley itself. [/quote]


Looks really good. Nice craftsmanship

Yea I accidently hit upload instead of save…

I recently made a custom pulley for these wheels to! i used a cnc to cut the main body of the pulley and wire cut the teeth profile. Here’s what mine turned out like. nice work by the way!



Nice, that looks very clean !

Wire cutting EDM? I love this technology but try to avoid it. When doing pulleys you can use a 4,2 mm drill to make the lower part of the teeth. If you have a cnc you can finish the part in one set up. The fit of pulley/belt drilled with 4,2 mm


What’s wrong with wire cutting? apart from being a very slow process and a kind of a pain to set up the profile is a perfect fit.

No nothing wrong! It just takes longer and the result is perfect. For me it’s just easier to stay on one machine and finish the pulley there.