DIY Grommets made out of Silicone

Hey, just wanted to share a little project i did myself. Basicly what i did was drill a mold into wood and fill it up with regular silicone to create custom grommets. This is the first iteration and i will probably go on to make a mold out of 2 parts. Here the pictures of the process. Drilled the holes into the wood. IMG-20180713-WA0004 Filled the holes up with silicone. IMG-20180713-WA0006 First one out. Took some take to loosen them out ot the mold. The two part mold will resolve that problem, also it will make it possible to have a flange on both sides. IMG-20180714-WA0003 and here are all of them. 6 are for 12awg and the bigger ones are for 10awg.IMG-20180714-WA0009


the DIY is strong with you. :sunglasses: I’ll probably be more apt to just buy some grommets as waiting for things to dry is not my forte, but great solution!