DIY Hub Motor 1700W?

The other day I was looking for new motors for my belt drive system when I saw that APS sells bare motor kits (stator and rotor assembly). In particular they sell a 60kv 6355 stator with rotor assembly, I always wanted to try making a hub motor using an old motor but never could take the stator off the shaft. So I decided to start experimenting in CAD to see what was possible. I ended with a design that in theory should work, I haven’t ordered any of the parts I just wanted to see if anyone else had tried this before or has any experience with making hub motors. The specs of the motors look pretty good especially when you compare it to the hub motors on aliexpress 1700W vs 300W-600W.


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Here is someone that has made a DD with the same motors

I think you will find it easy to make one from an sk3 motor, that’s my opinion thought