DIY Hub motor kit

Anyone got some good complete kits for E board? Everything included (not the deck just electronics). I want a dual hub motor design. i found this online: (

Is this a good option or are there better ones out there?

Honestly your almost better off getting an ownboard kit.

Check out ownboard reviews on reddit and youtube.

isnt it like the same hub motor and esc? looks the same to me

There are differences with how each manufacturer configures these esc’s but yes for the most part they are the same. If your gonna go low cost might as well get lowest price.:slight_smile:

i just want a good dual hub system, around 300-400$

I got the ownboard kit and it runs great! 40kmh topspeed on flat road, very smooth acceration and braking. The main difference is that ownboard sells a kit with the samsung 6Ah battery. They are just much better than the LG 4.4Ah batterie from diy :wink: IMG_20180727_162602 In my opinion ownboard does a great job, they have a better eye for precision. The enclosures are also from alluminium. I paid 250€ for the kit without the battery, but If you want the battery too, go for the Samsung 6Ah (Sanyo is also very good but imo pretty expensive for only 2Ah more)


looks good! is the battery enclosed or can you just swap it out when the 1 on it is empty? also where did you got the battery from then?

This was everything which was encluded in the kit without battery (except the deck): Snapchat-2813353IMG_20180702_141141 I made my own battery because I bought a spotwelder and made a 10S4P samsung pack for this baby. The battery is just sitting in the enclosure so it’s not glued you can easily take it out.

verry cool! what speeds and km do you get? and are those 500W each motor? i cannot seem to find it on there site… can you share a pic from the bottom side of the complete deck?

Btw if I was you, I should just buy a complete board from ownboard. The kit with battery is only 20$ cheaper. For 20$ more you get a complete board which you can use directly, after that you can still change the deck if you want :wink:

chrome chrome

look pm :slight_smile:

Well I got a 10S4P 12Ah pack with a bluetooth bms and get around 30-35km hard riding. Max speed was 40,5km/h on very smooth flat road. I can see the current which I’m drawing from my battery and max current that the esc sends to the motors is 18A, so 9A each. That means around 350W for each motor, so 700W for the dual drive. When I’m just cruising around 30km/h I use like 5A so just to let you know that 700W is more than enough.

A little birdie told me this configuration fits into a pretty sexy carbon fiber deck…:wink: actually there are a few, NAF hype beast or the newly posted by yours truly. Just need a battery. :slight_smile: would be pretty light also with CF.

Sorry, I know this is an old post but do you mind sending a picture of the battery pack as well as the parts used, looking to do something similar to you