DIY Hummie board , fully loaded

Thinking about starting a new project so I’m putting my DIY board up for sale to test the waters. This board and all the parts have less than 30 miles on them and is in excellent condition. Board includes the following:

  • Hummie Deck ( single cutout )

  • Focbox Unity

  • 10s5p 30q battery professionally built by thisguyhere

  • FeatherRemote w/ advanced light control board ( currently has brake lights , headlights can be added and controlled via remote )

  • DaveGa - speedometer, odometer, trip counter, etc

  • TorqueBoards 6374 190kv motors

  • Surfrodz - Psychotiller TKP trucks w/ Psychotiller motor mounts

  • Psychotiller enclosure

  • 200mm MBS wheels on Evolve hubs

  • 175mm tires with tubes , still have tread

  • Battery gauge on the enclosure

  • 4 amp fast charger ( Evolve )

I’m sure there’s other little stuff I’m forgetting. Board is fast as hell, I’ve had it up to 28mph before I wussed out and I know it had plenty more in it lol. Looking for $1500 plus shipping. Located in the SF Bay Area.

image image image image image image image image image image image imageimage


Price, pictures and location are mandatory

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Nah man I just imagine a block of wood a battery and some wires over it.

Imagination is key.

Sorry guys didn’t realize it partially posted as I was creating the post !

Sent you a message

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Interested, sent a message

Sent a message.

Uh yeah. You guys better not lowball the homie because I’ll pay his asking price

Located in San Jose. Lmk


Board is sold @mmaner do ya thing please

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dayyyummm that was fast! great deal :slight_smile: