Hello guys I’m interested in building one. I want an all terrain…trust me…i looked and my budget points to this. But unsure of a few things…first thing first…this is thr link:

You can change tires to all terrain 6". First battery…how long will that battery pack last? It is a 10s2p… I want something similar to that…my main goal will be 10-15 miles range…same style motors…

If I order 20 batteries it will be over $200 trucks n wheels n motors n mounts will be close to $300…

Well let me know n thank you…

What’s your budget? That kit isn’t enough for a mountain board setup.

I think for a small board it will be fine, just the same as most other china boards. It won’t be insanely fast or torquey but it will be fine for most people.

I would not try running 6” wheels on those motors, if possible upgrade the motors to the 180kV ones that they sell for more torque, it doesn’t make sense using 270kV motors on 10s then limiting the speed to 40km/h at the esc

Hi! To understand how much power is needed, take a look at the simpler calculator at and the more advanced at

They are theoretical, so by driving offroad in rough terrain, you may get shorter.

I would say that a 10s2p is too small. You must have at least 10s4p of a decent battery cell for your requirements.

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If I can save that will be great is this a good deal

?? Prob 500

It will be loaded bamboo board 2…i want power n have a good build…

The components are comparable to a rideriptide or similar board, it will be an average, low budget board.

Tbh you could make a much better single drive commuter board with a Vesc, Sk3 motor and 10s lipo or that battery if you had to. Just saying but if you want a powerful board that is not your best option, it is more of a medium board

I don’t want a powerful board…something 10-15 range…with terrain wheels…n swappable…is this a ok kit? I don’t know the deatils…im confused…about the details…that sounds better…i like the dual motor setup.

Well if you must I would get the all terrain version, but that is just for on paved roads and maybe some light dirt roads but definitely not off roading. The second kit would be your best bet but I do suggest some more reading and learning before you jump right into it

OK so there is a 10s5p version for basically the same price on (longer range) I have read a lot about this set and many other diyeboard sets. This is my conclusion: - quality MIGHT be lower, but it is also half price if compared to “quality” diye builds. Even if something breaks after some time it will still be A LOT cheaper than anything else. (yes i know meepo but it cant take hills, aka bad hill climb abilities).

More expensive diye parts - Might hold for longer but i have seen a lot of problems from ppl on this forum from more “high” quality parts too, so idk.

If u wanna know more about the set watch this guys rewiew:

I already watched it(ALL, TRUST ME)…it’s a good dyi board kit…i think if i can get a good deal on it then i’ll buy it…right now…its pretty up there…i’ll send out an email to see what i can get…need to work on the details though…