DIY lights for electric skateboard

Hey guys,

So i was looking into shred lights for my diy board but didnt want to pay £70+ for them and i didnt like the look of the crappy ones on ebay so decided to design my own and share them with you guys. Total cost was less than £20.

Ive got all the .stl files for the 3d printed parts if you want them. I can add them to here so PM me your email address and happy to send them over.

Its essentially two legs that have adjustable heads which hold the lights. The legs slot into a base plate so they can be removed when its day time with a xt60 connector so i can unplug them as well.

I used two Rolson torches which you can get on ebay for less than £3. I unscrewed the back where the batteries go, took the button cover off, removed the button and wired directly to the torch’s + and - . Then wired both + together and both - together so both work from one switch (using the batteries in each torch for the power). Then added the XT60 somewhere in the middle so i can unplug it when its day time.

Any way, if you want to use the files let me know. Thanks guys.

IMG_20190206_191244 IMG_20190206_191216 IMG_20190206_191307 IMG_20190206_191210 IMG_20190206_191225 IMG_20190206_191434 IMG_20190206_191349


Whats the most powerful cheap lights available? I was gonna do this with a steel bar but the lights are still pricey to make it super bright?

Those prints came out real nice, liking the look of them!

Hey, Not sure what the most powerful ones are but these are extremely bright. This is with and without the lights in my garden. IMG_20190206_195959 IMG_20190206_195944


Very cool, while that is a very clever design is there any way to make the mount a little more stealthy, maybe attatch them to the truck hanger like shredlights does? I most definetly don’t have the skills to do that but if someone did that would be awesome

I was going to do something like that but i thought if i fall off or something and send the board into the curb it would just rip the lights off. You could always make the legs shorter so the lights sit closer to the board so they seem more stealthy.

What are these powered by?

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That’s cool! Do you have a pic with them on the board?

I did it in a way so that they are still powered by the batteries in the lights themselves. Powered by 3 AAA batteries each.

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The board isnt finished yet as still waiting for new vesc but will post a picture when they’re on.

Hey guys,

I redesigned the legs to make them smaller and got them today. Think it looks better. IMG_20190212_193842 IMG_20190212_193834 IMG_20190212_193907


Hey guys,

Ive added a couple of things to the lights so thought id share. First as i wanted to make the removable i added the xt60 connector and found this simple xt60 housing thing on ebay ages ago which works really well. (cant find the listing now but could easily 3d print something) This means i can easily take the lights off and have the plug there ready. I’m going to mount it into the base of the lights.

I then wanted to add some form of switch, i thought about possibly having a switch that i could somehow press with my foot but didnt like the idea of trying to press it while riding and then falling off like an idiot.

So decided to get a light sensor switch. This works extremely well and means i can have the main switch hidden in the main electronics box under the board and just have the head of the sensor mounted into the board. When it starts getting dark the lights will come on automatically. You can see in the video when my hand goes over and blocks the light just how well it works. You can also change the sensitivity of the switch as well.

The switch runs of a 5v supply (just wired a usb to it for now) which will run of the vesc. The new Flipsky dual 6.6 vesc comes with a 5v supply port which is really handy. When it arrives anyway.


Update on the lights, now fitted to the board with the smaller legs and the power running directly from the Flipsky dual vesc4.2. IMG_20190313_073357 IMG_20190313_073403