DIY motor mount - sharing my design - 50/63mm motors

Hello guys, some people reached me in private asking for the drawings of my motor mount, so here it is

Unfortunately i don’t have this version on CAD anymore since i made a few alterations

it’s made for paris or similar trucks and they HAVE TO BE MACHINED IN A LATHE for this to work, reducing the hanger diameter to 18mm

The center distance is 70mm ± 4mm and works for 50mm and 63mm motor’s

In this link you have the mechanical drawings and the .igs files so they can be made on CNC

This configuration is way overbuilt, but that was the idea, and for the next revision it will be easier to adjust the belt tension and have a lower mass

Depending on the thickness on the wires and were they exit the motor you will have to file the clamp so they don’t get compressed and result in a short


Oh I like that very much


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does this slip over time? and roughly how much does it cost to get cut

Crank that shit down…ain’t moving I bet

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Would need a bit longer shaft eh?

Exactly, since the first time i assembled no problems, using medium torque thread lock on the screw and high torque between the mount and the hanger, probably 100 Km or more of rough pavement

If you use a pulley with a hub maybe, most of the pulleys are larger than the belts, in the moment i’m testing a 3d printed motor pulley that is press fit on the shaft, so no problems and still shaft left on the outside

What’s the weight on it?

Now that’s what I call a MOTOR MOUNT!

Like it would realistically make a difference lol

Reminds me of Ironman’s Hulk Buster

Every little bit counts :wink:

weight of this unit won’t matter. Even if it’s double the weight of any others. Just go to the bathroom before you ride it if it’s too much!


My board is borderline hitting 20 lbs. If I can save 1 lb here and 1 lb there, I’d be happy to get it down to 17lbs.

20lbs is hefty unless you have large capacity batteries and duals? I think my board is about 13-14 pounds (mono spacecell carbon deck)

Dual OM5065’s with 10s4P space cell. It was like 19.2 lbs

Looks really good! What trucks are you using?

Paris 195mm, but i think i will go back to 180mm to save a little weight, but first I have to check if I can mil the180 hanger without weakening it too much

So this mount wont fit the 180 trucks without modification?

Even the 195 you have to modify so the diameter of the hanger is 18mm all the way, the dept (how far from the start of the hanger depends on the pulley width and your wheel offset