DIY OneWheel Problems

Instead of spamming the group with a bunch of posts, Im gonna throw all the problems Im having with my DIY OneWheel build here.

  • I’m basing it on the ByteSizeEngineering build guide
  • Parts:
    • Motor: Pei Scooter Phub-188
    • ESC: FSESC 75100
    • Battery: 48V 20AHr 13S Battery
    • IMU: MPU-9250
  1. Problem 1: ESC doesn’t recognize the IMU unless I go into the configuration each time I power on and use the IMU wizard to search for it. Then it recognizes the IMU and I can reload all my APP settings I have saved. This isn’t the biggest problem but it is definitely annoying that each time I power on I have to go into the configurator and refind the IMU. Not viable for normal use.
  2. The motor is a bit noisy. This might be normal for this motor under load but when I spin it up with no load, it’s much quieter. Also, the name-brand OneWheels I’ve used are virtually silent. Maybe a bad bearing or something. Do note that the way I have constructed this thing will not allow for much disassembly. Essentially the only way to replace the motor is trash most of the frame.
  3. The board nosedives if I lean forward too much. I assume this is something I can fix in the VESC configurator. I’ve played around with gains but not much luck. I’ve also tried the “Balance” App as well as the “Float” package and had better luck with the balance app. What setting should I adjust for this?