DIY outer shell for hobbywing lcd controller

So a month ago I posted a thread with the question if there are some DIY options for the hobbywing lcd controller. but there wasn’t much.

So I just said F it and I started planning on modifying the original controller.

The goal on it was to do 2 things:

  • Add an dead mans switch, I travel alot by train and want to minimize/eliminate the posibility that I accelerate while the controller is dangling around.

  • use a controller joystick’s to change the layout of the controller a bit for my big hands.

This went pretty well. Within 3-5 versions I got a very practical and usable controller

V1, just half a slab to testfit some of the components

V2, aka the brick. It’s pointy but it works (kinda)

V3, rounded, some added features but still a brick

V4, way more rounded, We’re getting there. more finetuning and function tests. it was way to slippery tbh to firmly grasp.

And at last V5. Added grip pads on the side made of eva foam, acrylic in front of the screen, collor cordination on the print, debugging some issues, etc… It’s glorious in its current form. The dead mans switch works due to the use of an rc circuit to the datapin of the acceleration and the button remaping on the speed settings selector to the click funtion of the joystick was silly but very usable.


In all reality I’m pretty impressed. I for one have zero knowledge of 3d printing. You should enter the remote design contest on freesk8. Not sure of the details but you should check it out

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The contest was sadly only for a spoecific controller pcb

Yea I know but you can still cad one out.

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