[Diy] penny 10s3p dual sk3 on tb 218

After 1 year of thinking about the best eboard for power ,speed and portability i finally find my build

First i will build my own deck

The deck will have an open trap like in this picture to fit the 10s3p (samsung 25r) from my old acton blink quatro , and will be wrap in carbonfiber and fiber resin

Option 1 -I will install torque board 218mm truck with dual dickyhoe cnc reverse mount s-l300
for my dual sk3 6374 motors + chains gear from alliexpress download%20(1) 18181

Option 2 : dual hub motors from my acton blink quatro

All build on my fsesc6.6 download

I will need your help for the maximum setup i can put on my fsesc 6.6 for max setting with sk3 and acton hub motors

So the sk3s are 100% better then the hubs but those aliexpress chain drives are shocking and will snap super quickly

You can buy @dickyho mounts and a cheap 15t motor pulley and then get someone to 3d print he wheel pulley for you

The battery also produces low amps and has a small capacity so would only use that battery if 100% necessary