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DIY Resin infusion longboard build

Following @MasterCho and his description of building a board using resin infusion (which you can find here: Carbon Fiber Vacuum/Resin infusion|Enclosure|Deck|3D printing) I wanted to find out more about resin infusion. I’m familiar with the idea of laminating layers of wood and composite material (carbon fibre or fibre glass) but the idea of resin infusion is new to me.

Anyway, I jump on youtube and found this video. I’m sure they’ve glossed over the difficulties of resin infusion, but for me, it’s the perfect DIY video; educational and on topic.


easycomposites, well known supplier, has great product lines and materials, located in UK. I wish they are closer :disappointed:

Great video :thumbsup:

that is a REALLY great video, thanks for sharing :open_mouth:

the board they made looks amazing :heart_eyes:

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Cool video !

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Awesome ! Thanks for sharing ! They make it look very easy.
I would have added a layer of clearcoat before mounring the trucks and applying the griptape though.

Unfortunately the equipment, products and consumables needed to do this are not cheap.

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