Diy setup with built in BMS/charger

this guy built his own “Meepo” basically.

but the batteries needs to be removed to be recharged. what do i need if i want something as simple as plugin a laptop charge to charge up my batteries? i see all DIY tutorials for eboards but none of them show how to make one similar already built by companies.

You need a BMS. That will allow you to just get a laptop charging brick and plug it in. Nice and simple.

which BMS do you suggest? basically, i want something that i will leave on the board permanently. so whenever i charge, i dont need to yank the batteries out of the board. thanks!

What batteries are you using?

i will follow his vid advice to use two of these in series

but if you have anything better to make it equivalent to Meepo’s spec of 10s2p, i will follow. i would not go over to 12s since im only starting out. thanks!

You need a 10s BMS. Depending on your setup and how much current your battery can supply (and your motor/vesc can handle) you can get a 40, 50, 60 or 80 amp 10s BMS. You’ll also need a suitable power supply, specifically one that provides 42 volts.