DIY Shielded servo cable with aluminium foil (opinions?)

I see that some people have signal issues with the receivers and a ferrite seems to help sometimes. I would love to put a ring in my build but i can’t seem to find one anywhere. Is it a good idea to wrap the wire with aluminium foil, then duct tape all around to make sure there is no exposed metal anywhere? It sounds like a good idea but I may just be an idiot lol.

It’s pretty ghetto, but might work. I’d be wary of having loose metal in the enclosure though. If it rips or falls off it can short something inside pretty easily.

I might be wrong about this, but aluminum wrapped around a cable will prevent noise from getting in the cable, but not the receiver, but a ferrite ring will clean up the noise currently present in the cable, which is more important. You obviously don’t want to wrap the receiver as well or you’ll cut the connection to your remote.


I’m in Canada though :frowning: shipping takes like 9 years

so take apart an old PC or printer - there will be a ferrite ring or two there you can re-purpose. Quite a few power cords have them on the cable as well! The black block usually at the ends.


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But you guys have, should be fast no? Also you can find ferrite rings pretty easily in old electronics wires, it’s the big bulgy thing on cables.

Will try to scrap one from somewhere…