DIY silicone gasket

To waterproof my battery and electronics enclosure i came up with this idea of makong one with regular household silicone.

I will make circlurar cut outs to drill and place wood inserts to be able to screw brass thumb screws in to hold my enclosure in place. If cut outs will be too big i can later fill in some more silicone. You can make this gasket not so tall if you want to or just cut off with the sharp blade


I had the same Idea to use Households silicone, i just however put a string around the lip of my enclosure and slammer it back on the deck, No water so far.


I was thinking about doing something similar. I have some in my basment


Nice! Silicone is my go-to over velcro or glue. I use it to secure all electronics in the enclosure. It dampens vibrations and easily peels off. Good idea with a gasket.


Yeah, i use it to attach electronics as well.

How do you attach electronics? Just use it as glue beneth?

Yes sir, just use it as a glue

tec 7 is a great all rounder

i do this to seal my boxes. Nothing beats a liquid silicone gasket.

If anyone decides to seal a box with wet silicone like i do instead of casting it as a gasket as illustrated here, i would recommend using neutral cure silicone.

with the method here, it doesn’t matter as much because it will be cured before the electronics make their way in there, but using regular silicone instead of neutral cure will leave corrosive deposits on your electronics if you seal the box with wet and let it cure bolted on.


Thanks for info man