DIY Street Demon build -DIY build by Jaeson

What’s up everyone,

Just thought I’d share my build with you guys. Please keep in mind this is my 3rd build and I don’t have a lot of money but I built this board with speed and range in mind and I think I hit a pretty sweet spot for both and at a pretty low cost for the performance.

The total cost was around $600. I’ll list the parts and where I got them below. Feel free to ask anything you want to know or comment on improvements that you think I should make. Please keep in mind that I’m not Dan Belzarian and I can’t just blow cash. Otherwise I’d probably have just bought a raptor 2, lol.

Anyway, I have Bluetooth hooked up for stats and I use the “eSkate Vesc app” for iPhone and I’m also beta testing another awesome app for iPhone called telematics by @twan. (Check it out, it’s amazing!). So stats: I weigh about 165lbs, my performance stats are 36.4mph top speed, 16.5 miles range. (I’ll post a YouTube video to show full speed and range, coming soon) My gear ratio is 2.25:1 with 100mm wheels and I average about 13.5 wh/m. I have a mono drive 6374 TB motor (soon to be dual) and my battery is 2 6s Lipos connected in series creating 12s with 5000 mAh 60c discharge rate. I’ve also installed heatsinks on my VESC’s mosfets, and built a small box with 2 - 40mm USB cooling fans. The fans are powered by a 10,000 mAh battery charger with 2 USB ports.

With my current single motor setup I can climb hills 15%-20% grade and still have great acceleration but ultimately want the second motor for better balanced braking and more efficiency when climbing steep hills.

I built the board this way for balance. The length of the board, the width of the trucks, and the foot straps all combined allow for super smooth/ balanced, high speed cruising. It’s a beast!

The list below is everything I used and I’ll try to post where I got everything. Also below that I’ll post some pics. Thanks for checking out my hard work!

MBS Atom 95x Deck- Garage sale MBS ATS Trucks - Garage Sale (came on board) MBS Mountain Board Foot Straps - Garage Sale (came on board) MBS Hardware - Garage Sale (came on board)

Battery/ VESC enclosure box - Locking top Tupperware (I already had)

Sector 9 Riser Pads 1.5 inch - Amazon MBS All Terrain 100mm Wheels - Amazon Battery/Volt Meter - Amazon All XT90 connectors - Amazon Battery Series XT90 connector - Amazon HM-10 Bluetooth Module - Amazon (self soldered) 2x40mm 5v USB cooling fans for VESC - Amazon 8mm x 8mm heat sinks for Mosfets on VESC - Amazon 100mm x 60mm x 25mm project box for cooling fans - Amazon Dual USB port 10,000 mAh battery charger for powering cooling fans - Amazon

Torque Boards 6374 190 KV Motor - Torque Boards VESC - nano remote/receiver - Motor Mount for Caliber trucks (self modified to fit) - anti spark on off switch -

36t 15mm Abec style wheel pulley - ebay 16t 16mm 8mm bore motor pulley - custom made on Ebay HTD 5m Pitch 270mm Length 15mm Width Drive Belt- Ebay