Diy torqueboard control trigger not working

So I’m helping my friend with his longboard setup and he has the vesc x paired setup but his torquevoard mini controller trigger isn’t working and instead it’s the wheel on the side that spins the motor any ideas? Also may need help with some ideal vesc setting for 10s 190kv single

You need to connect the channel 2 instead of channel 3 on the receiver. You will have to disassemble the enclosure to do that

If I’m not mistaken channel 1 is the steering wheel 2 is the trigger 3 is open 4 is binding

Ahhh thanks @eboosted I’ll give her a fo

Can anyone recommend some good settings for 190kv 10s4p

Motor max 80A Motor min -80A Battery max 40A Battery min - 10A Absolute max 130A Curoff start 30V Cutoff end 28V

And for braking when I turn his controller off it spins at top speed

It mean you din’t set PPM settings correctly.

You needto set PPM settins rab to 50% when rremote is off

alright will do

You need to rebind it and remove the bind plug before poweroff to set the failsafe.

haha that didnt pop up when I looked for that issue Thanks bro

Well, the search around here can be difficult sometimes. I only found it because i knew it had to be there ^^.