DIY Trampa E-MTB | Kaly Mounts | Maytech 12s 120A ESC | Sensored 190kv | 12s7p Samsung 25r battery

Hi guys just finished up my 3rd eboard and FINALLY my 1st Trampa E-MTB. Been in R&D for close to 6 months and the results are amazing. Anyone on the fence should deff build a mountain-board, It brings the riding to whole new level when u can do wheelies and go off-roading.

Specs: 12s7p Barajabali battery 2x Kaly Mounts 2x Maytech 6374 190 KV sensored motors 2x Maytech 12s ESCs Trampa 35 with 8in Primo Alpha wheels and Ratchet bindings Underwater Kinetics 206 Ultrabox and 309 Drybox 15/65 gearing
15mm belts

Big thanks!! to @barajabali @Kaly for their help with my build. They did an amazing job on the stuff I bought from them. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Also thanks to all others on this form who inspired many other parts of my build.

Only issues i encountered upfront was the brakes on Maytech ESC were terrible until I got it some new firmware. Now its perfect.


Sick build man I love how it ended ! I’ve been meaning to ask you how those motors are?

@barajabali Well one of them already broke actually. Retainer ring was falling out and magnets were loose and rattling inside. I might be going back to SK3.

The mounts look really really good! I love the shape of the outer end of them, where the motor is located.

The build does look really good! Nice job…

Also saw one of your other boards in the background:

How is that one going ? Looks like it has quite some ‘‘load’’ on the underside… resembles a turtle in a good way :slight_smile: Though, probably runs way faster than turtles can do

PS I think the last pic of your build log could be made as a wallpaper… looks really great… almost makes you want to go and live / visit NY (assuming it is NY, as I know Kaly lives there and it somehow looks like NY)

Haha yeh that my fav spot to sit and chill. 23rd st Chelsea piers

And the shape of the mount around the motor is great. I’m planning to add some cross bars there.

Got video in the skate park


can you share a picture of your ESC settings?



Video in the snow at Chelsea Piers


Sweet build, I’ve been trying to decide wether I go with a full E-MTB or an Urban Carver, E-MTB is impresive but too cumbersome to be take on a daily basis

I ride it daily but yeah its a little cumbersome. a good compromise might e urban carver but thats also a little big looking. Nothing beats a longboard for portability. trampa is best for offroading and its so much fun :slight_smile:

Is that the blazing spot you showed me last week?

Thanks for meeting up with me for a ride. I’ll have a few twisted up next time.

Yup that’s the spot :wink:

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wtf is every pic I post come upside-down!!!


Any updates on the damper mod? im looking into doing the mod over the winter. having a switch to do higher speeds is really critical to ride the infinity’s comfortably in the city.

I see you switched from the Maytech sensored motors to SK3s.

Is the difference between sensored and unsensored significant?

I was considering the Maytech’s but have heard there are some QC problems with them. Did you have issues with yours?

nope i need someone to make a bracket for me to mount it with

Yeh man the sk3 never break. Maytecs fell part pretty quick. My experience is as long as ur gearing and kv is right then cogging from a start isnt really an issue. I never use sensors.

Hi, I’m from Colombia. I want to have one. Can you help me where I can get it, please?