DIYE AT Wheels cant get bearings out

Hey Guys I have a set of the 6" airless AT wheels from DIYEBoards and I am unable to get the bearings out. Do you guys have any tips on how to get these suckers out?

in the wise words of mr Trampa, “hit it with a hammer.”


Go to the rough part of town and spread a rumour that the pawn shop buys bearings for $20 but only if they’re not in wheels.

Accidentally leave your wheels near a trash can

Come back in an hour and get your wheels out of the trash can and the bearings will be gone


perfectly “normal”

put the wheel on a roll of duct tape, stick a flathead screwdriver through the top bearing into the back of the other bearing and hammer it out, swap from on edge to the other so you don’t crack the hub. then flip it over and knock out the other.

As for putting in new bearing, hammer it in with a rubber mallet


Get a Bones Bearing Tool :crazy_face:



Might not work. I think it’s a metal on metal grip that makes them really hard to pull

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Air duster… upside down. Freeze the bearing. Pop it out…


i love how air duster gets glue out of tough spots as well, flip it upsidedown freeze, and things magically come off :rofl:


You can normally get a bearing out by coming through from the other side with a punch tool(substitute for screwdrive or chisel) & lightly tap with a mallet (or hammer if you don’t have a mallet).

Be careful if you intend reusing the bearing as bearings do not like being hit on the race part in one place.

Actually due to the spacer you have little chance of reaching the outer race, so if reusing ignore my contribution, if tossing then whack away

damn where do you live :joy:

Let me know if you figure it out :stuck_out_tongue: I tried the hammer… WITH the bearing pulling pushing tool… with no luck

The bearings that came with it were junk. The spacer just pushed to the side and I was able to get to the edge of the bearing and whack it out. It is really tight in there


@Mikenopolis a light scuff with a high grit (600 or higher) sandpaper around the inner surface of the bearing seat might make future installations (and removals) easier.

Yeah. I think the paint is too thick. Now that I think about it. I should’ve done that before installing new bearings

I’m still surprised no one has tried freezing bearings yet…

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oh it will happen when I get a chance. So freezing bearing would shrink the metal, is that how this works?


yep, the surface will contract as it gets cold.


Yep, and freezing before install will make a interference fit basically fall in.

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Click on my name :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to take the two halves of the wheel apart. Undo the nuts first, then unthread those flathead bolts.

This makes them much easier to remove, since you’re only dealing with one bearing at a time then, and can push it out from behind.

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