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I don’t think the springs are shorter. I think it’s the same as MBS boards. Maybe the Trampa’s spring seats are shorter resulting in more space for the damper. I just got the shock eggs from MBS and compared to Trampa’s Dampa, the eggs are shorter. And they have holes in the ends for bolts. For yours and my rear spring seat where the large bolts protrude, I may have to drill a much bigger hole on the egg on one end to make it seat properly. Here’re pics.

I compared the coil count based on photo references and used the mbs eggs. Still a possibility for human error. Shorter seats might be possible, but not comfortable replacing them with 3d printed versions. Too much force applied. With standard parts the eggs are too compressed, even if you increase the hole size.

Anyway, have to replace all parts sometime next year. I progressed to a point where a 15mm belt is no longer enough, at least not without an idler. Will switch to different hubs and with that a wider belt or chain drive an different trucks. Far superior trucks are already available for 30€, so not going to waste more money trying to improve my current trucks.

? 10 char…

That was weeks ago, I don’t think he knew what he was saying.

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Ah I see, you’re right. Thx!

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Ok this thread is extremely long… If someone please could summarize/clarify. I have these trucks: collections/single-motor-mechanical-kit/products/single-motor-mechanical-kit

Is it possible to put on these wheels? or is there not enough space on my trucks?


Your truck’s hangers are fine, its the truck axle which is too short.

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Are you on Alibaba?

Ok! And if I buy trucks from the same place, my existing 63 mm motor mount wount fit their motor 50 mm motor mount… So I have to buy new 50 mm motors. And then I need a new ESC and also new batteries, and charger. If it would be possible to attach my 63 mm motor on their trucks, it would be more interesting for me as the investment would be smaller.

@diyeboard What brand batteries does your battery pack use?

LG like the 6s4p for all packs? Why not go 30Q?

sorry for my late reply, i have been on business trips these days. We use LG, Samsung 18650cells for 6S4P battery packs. 30Q is too expensive, 3 times higher cost, and it is waste of cells performance since our esc limited the cuurrent draw to protect all electronics and riders safety of high speed riding. 40km/h is super high for regular riders.

On sale promotion for New Version 3 Speed Mode Remote Controller and 6’’ 150*50mm 70A Airless All-Terrain Off-Road Skateboard Wheels Promotion period within Nov.13th to Nov.15th.

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Hello, Diyeboard team. What does it mean " The wheels bearings CAN’T be and not allowed to be replaced. None of the power truck wheels bearing can be replaced or upgraded " talking about the Dual Motor Belt Drive Power Truck Kit? If in the future there is a problem with a single wheel bearing, I have to resend the whole kit in China?

It means can’t upgrade with your own bearings since it use the special lipped bearing in the wheel pulley. It won’t easily broken if you don’t disassemble it and change it to regular bearings. If problem happens, we will send you replacement bearings.

Too bad this controller doesn’t come with a receiver.

this remote only works with our esc and kits, and compatible with meepo, the receiver already built-in our esc or meepo esc. the description stated clearly on this. if you need receiver version, it is this one:

I know. What I meant is that it would be nice to have the RC5 with a receiver as I guess RC5 is better than RC2 and RC3, right ?

yes it is, but receiver we don’t sell it for now. sorry, we conbine the receiver to the esc for bulk production concern.

You do not have replacement thane wheels for the hub motors listed anymore. Are they interchangeable?