Diyeboard dual motor kit with kegels


So I’ve bought myself an diyeboard dual belt motor kit… The motors are really bad quality, one of them died after a week but I found a good replacements that will fit, even the pullies. So If you want to get it, better get just the trucks with mounts and pullies and then get seperate motors.

The real reason why I made this post is because I want to put kegels on it. The pulley has a lipped bearing that goes trough…








There are 2 people that i know who did this.

First is creat0r5 who build a boosted poke replica.


He cut off a part of the truck and used evolve kegel pulley.


The second guy @MikeBeard

He grinded off the inserts for the flywheels and drilled some holes to secure the wheel.



I don’t like either method because it involves destroying either the truck or the pulley

I was thinking of designing a custom pulley that can hold the same bearing but that it fits the kegel wheels. It could be printable with abs I started designing something in sketchup… (I really bad at it)


This is the HDT M5 pulley and when designing it you need diameter. radius= (pitch size)(number of teeth)/2pi =535/23.14 =273.875mm

Radius of one teeth is 2.08mm

To calculate an angle from the middle, it is 360/ number of teeth so 360/35= 10.2857º

I really hope that there’s more people that want to do this and that will try to help.

Why not get @JLabs kegels pulley?

I don’t think you are going to be able to have a bearing in the pulley without cutting the truck.

@JLabs pulley system might work as it uses the bearing from the wheel to stabilise the pulley I think

Do you know for sure the motor you want to buy will fit your motor mount? Because the racer star motor has some strange hole sizes.

Yeah man you are right, thanks for telling that. I still haven’t ordered them so It’s all good

Any update on the kegel pulley for the kit?

I drilled holes like the guy in that video