Diyeboard motor pulley install question

I am upgrading the motor mount of my board from the diyeboard/mass manufacter standard one to dickyho’s mounts, but I have a question regarding the motor pulleys.

I am using the standard 5055 motors and pulleys from diyeboard.

These are glued on, but I was was adviced by @Skunk that a hairdryer can be used to get them of. I dont know which method is best to use when getting them back on the motor shaft however, so if anyone have any advice that would be much appreciated!

That’s how I got the pullys off of my Riptide which is basically the same thing is a DIY kit. Heat till you see a little puff of smoke and then give it a good pull. Don’t be like me and try and pry it off I ended up bending the cheap aluminum pulley pretty good

Thanks for the reply! How did you mount the pulley (or a new one in your case prob) back on the motor? More glue or another technique?

Did you get your pulley from Dicky? If so, there will be two screws within the pulley. One of these goes into the groove on the shaft of the motor, and the other one can just be screwed in anywhere. Use Loctite on these screws, as the motor pulley is something you never want to be able to move

I just used blue lock tight on the grub screws and wrenched them down. (My motor shaft had slight divots where i lined my grubs up with) Just be sure to let the lock tight cure properly.

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Thank you, will try to get it sorted out in the weekend and post a sitrep :smiley: