Diyeboard Single Belt Drive 1400w N5055 Motor Truck Kit

Hi everyone, I purchased this kit brand new from diyeboard. The trucks were mounted to a deck but were never powered up or ridden on. This kit is perfect for a beginner or someone wanting to build a budget board. I figured I’d toss it up here for sale in case anyone wants to save on shipping and transit time from China.

$100 OBO with free shipping anywhere in the CONUS

Specs and pics:

  • (1) N5055 Motor (Black, 270KV, 1400W)
  • (1) Bolt On Motor Mount (Black)
  • (2) 7.25’’ Truck (Black)
  • (1) 36T Drive Wheel Pulley (HTD5) 13mm width
  • (1) 12T Motor Pulley (HTD5) 13mm width
  • (1) 250-5M High Torque Timing Belt (HTD5) 12mm width
  • (4pcs) 83mm*52mm 78a Longboard Wheels

20181117_074231 20181117_074302 20181117_074416 20181117_074331

Please get in touch if you are interested or have any questions.


Could this be used with a meepo ESC plug and play?

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I think you would need to swap out the Meepo ESC for a VESC to get these trucks to work on your board.

He is right, a meepo esc won’t work, but a meepo style esc made for felt drive motors will work just fine. They can be purchased on eBay for cheap. Just make sure they aren’t the hub motor version

Something like this would work: link here.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about

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Cyber Tuesday bump!

OBO my peeps…

I know I’m kinda late, but if you still haven’t sold your motor kit, I might be interested in it. Ordered the same thing off mboards last month and it hasn’t showed up with no replies to my emails from them. Thinking of calling my bank and getting my money back.

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