Diyeboards 10s5p Enclosure fitting a VESC

I got one of these enclosures and I’m wondering if anyone has fit a “standard” Vedder VESC in the space at the front/back? I got the enclosure with no extra display/switches on it.

When buying it I thought I should be able to, but now I have it in my hands/in the flesh I’m not so sure.

Extra points if you post a picture of you did it.

Thanks in advance!

this is literally just the thread I was looking for… hopefully someone has info :cry:


Just klick on the link you posted yourself :smiley: There are dozen of pictures with all kinds of measurements like this one for example: 15166891444

then just look for vesc 4.12 measurements and voilà:


so just bend the capacitors on top and you´re able to fit one in :wink:


Yeah fair enough @TarzanHBK. I guess I was at work and stressing a bit.

no worries, always here with a helping hand for dudes :wink:


When you say “bend the capacitors” do you mean just bend them back on the wires ? I’ve bought a stupidly small enclosure

I don’t know for sure but I suspect TarzanHBK was being sarcastic.

Arguably you could I guess?

you can fit a 4.2 TB vesc in the ESC area that the 10s5p pack comes with, although awkwardly…


What I did was just cut the inner support walls enough so I can squeeze a vesc in, and leave the rest alot :laughing:

cant comment of longevity tho, I had it like that for a week until my new enclosure came thru :slight_smile:

I put mine up the other end… I didn’t have the cutouts for the switch though. I also fitted a anti-spark XT-90 too.

yep! that was a hassle… lol

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No for real you can bend them or relocate the wires to the other side to take the stress out

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I dremeled out the ribs and was able to fit two VESCs and everything else in mine.IMG_20190316_122433 MVIMG_20190316_151037


You’re going to want additional cooling for those vescs. Ime my single 4.xx vesc started to overheat while in that enclosure. It was set for 25a battery amps, which isn’t much 🤷

Two VESCs is impressive!

Thanks for the heads up @anon64938381.

I’m running two Flipsky 4.12 Vescs at 20A battery max each (that’s all my battery will BMS will handle) and haven’t had any VESC overheating issues. There are twice as many FETs to carry the load with the dual setup though.

I’ll update if I run into any overheating issues.

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Put a heat gun to that enclosure and you can manipulate the plastic alot. I cut out most of the internal walls, remoulded the shape of it by simply putting heat gun and shaping it with a block of wood cut to a similar size to what I needed. I have a 10s5p battery shifted all the way to the front and the rear part widened to fit the larger style generic ESC. It worked out fine for what I need. I needed space for 2 esc for 4wd.